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  New Inductees Announcements

2013-2007 Archive
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"This is just the beginning!™"

Welcome to The Toy Man News & Reviews 2013-2007  New Inductee Archive. Each of the listings below connect to the "New Inductee Announcements" for their corresponding YEAR. They are all listed in a descending order (ie; Starting with 2013 and ending with 2007).

The archive is structured in (3) tiers/levels:

1) The first level is indexed by YEARS
2) The second level is indexed by the MONTHS corresponding to the specific YEAR selected. 
The third level is the index of the actual Evaluation Report Summaries for the MONTH selected.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007


* Some Pages May Not Display Properly at this time due to the transitioning of older content into our new web site design. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
* All online product reviews published prior to November 1997 have been removed and archived off-server due to substantial incompatibility with the current database structure. 
* All hard copy product reviews and articles from 1971-1994 which were scanned and re-published online, have been removed and archived off-server.

* During 2009 we had a breach of our server and many of our inductee listings were lost. We have since made sure all data is now backed up and protected automatically but there are listings that are not available for portions of 2007, 2008, and a limited few in 2009.


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